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Genius Religion Quiz

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God, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, Catholics and Protestants, Anglicans, Shiites and Sunnis, Orthodox, Shintoists, ... From the beginning of history, man has always sought the answers to the great existential questions such as death, the salvation of the soul, good and morals.Show how much you know and learn with quiz Genius - Religion!
Test your knowledge and discover the easiest and funniest way of learning about the great universal religions: the doctrinal principles, sacred texts, liturgy and rites. Religion has always been and continues to be a fundamental dimension of the human being, which is essential for the interpretation of the past and the understanding of the present.• Christianity• Judaism• Islam• Hinduism• Buddhism
For each question, there is a clear and comprehensive explanation rich in information that will allow you to become an expert in the matter.• Test your knowledge with the trivia game• Learn with the detailed explanations for each answer• Share questions and answers with your friends• Excel in each level so you become a "Holy Man"
With Genius – Religion, learning becomes a game.Discover it.